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Nausea - The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol 1 e Vol 2

Banda : Nausea
Album : The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol 1 e Vol 2
Ano : 2005
Localização : USA

Download vol 1

Download vol 2

Comentário : Nausea ... O que falar desta banda ? Nada a não ser comtemplar essa discografia fodida em 2 discos , aqui você vai encontrar : Nausea demo (self released, 1988)
Extinction LP/Cassette (1990, Profane Existence/Meantime Records)
Cybergod 7"EP (Allied Recordings, 1991)
Lie Cycle 7"EP (Graven Image Records/ Skuld Records, 1992)
Alive in Holland VHS (Channel Zero Reality/Profane Existence, 1993)
Extinction: The Second Coming CD (Selfless Records, 1993) "New York Hardcore: The Way It Is" LP (Revelation Records, 1988)
"Squat or Rot Volume. 1" 7"EP (Squat or Rot Records, 1989)
"They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard" LP (Maximum Rock'n'Roll, 1989)
"Murders Among Us" 7"EP (Vermiform Records, 1990)
"More Songs About Plants and Trees" 7"EP (Allied, 1991)
"Discharged: From Home Front to War Front" 7"EP (Allied, 1992)
Fui . Abraços .

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