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U.T.I - s/t ( Ep)

Banda : U.T.I
Album : S/T (EP)
Ano : 1987
Localização : USA


Comentário : Não sei praticamente nada sobre esta banda a única certeza que tenho é que eles lançaram este disco em 1987 pela própria banda e tocam um hardcore rápido e muito foda , vale a pena conhecer esta banda se você não a conhece e se tiver mais informações sobre a mesma por favor acrescente nos comentários que eu agradeço .

Comment: I do not know almost nothing about this band the only certainty I have is that they have this disc in 1987 by the band and play a fast and very good hardcore , it is worth knowing this band if you do not know and if you have more information on the same please add in comments which I appreciate.

Comentario: No sé casi nada acerca de esta banda de la única certeza que tengo es que tienen este disco en 1987 vale la pena saber de esta banda si no sabe y si tiene más información en la misma añada en los comentarios que agradezco.

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  1. First: U.T.I. stood for Under The Influence.

    Second: They wre from San Juan Capistrano, California.

    Third: U.T.I. had a 7" and they were also on the South Orange County's Trail Of Destruction compulation (1989) with songs Ride To Death and Obedience.

    Fourth: Other songs such as Orange Fight, For God and For Money, and I Hate Budweiser were only made on few tapes as demos.

    Fifth: Jimmy (Vocals) had a ranch in San Juan Capistrano where bands would play and parties would go down.

    Sixth: Bands that have played the ranch were bands like Decry, DI, The Vandals, Dischords, Lost Cause, Turmoil, and the locals such as Hangover, UTI, Against The Grain, Violation, Gadnium, Johnny Monster and the Nightmares, The Bullies, Bored To Death, Symbolism Of Belligerence, Side Effect, FRI and so on...

  2. Thanx Adrian for important informations . Hugs .


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