sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2009

The Accused - Archive tapes 1981 - 1986

Banda : The Accused
Album : Archive tapes 1981 - 1986
Ano : 1981 a 1986
Localização : USA


Comentário : Só tenho uma coisa a dizer sobre este disco do The Accused : Fudido !!!

Comment: I just have something to say about this disc from The Accused: Fucked!!!

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  1. Hi Jacaré!
    (escuse me for my english)
    I have received a comment on my blog days ago. That comment included a link to your blog.

    Well, I want to tell you something.


    You have music and that is also on my blog, but that is not problem!! Well, the idea is that we complement. Probably you do not know my blog, I invite you to give a tour for my blog ;)

    Stay hardcore and up the good work bro!! Cheers!!

    PD: thanks for including comments in english and portugese.
    PD2: Thanks for this release of ACCUSED! one of the most brutal crossover in the land! FUDIDO!! jeje

  2. Thanks for the comments , your blog is fucked too , hugs from new friend jacaré.


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