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Beef people - Music for men ( Ep)

Banda :
Beef people
Abum : Music for men
Ano : 1985
Localização : Estados unidos

Comentário : Outra banda desconhecida do hardcore americano mas muito boa , não tenho muitas informações sobre a banda , mas o som para se ter uma idéia é um hardcore clássico muito foda , tem um cover do Jimi hendrix com a música Fire que é bem legal , o vocalista Brian childers infelizmente fiquei sabendo pela internet que morreu em 2007 , tocaram menos de 10 shows gravaram este ep e acabaram . Boa banda . Recomendado .

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  1. Thanks for your kind words about my old band. Yes, sadly, my friend Brian passed away. Welly in the U.K. put out an E.P. of all BEEF PEOPLE remaining songs (recorded at the same "Music for Men" session at Don Zientara's studio) as part of Artcore vinyl fanzine vol 2/issue 25. Thanks Welly! I feel the Pavlov's Dog E.P. is even stronger (better songs) than "Music for Men". I've seen it available for download (I believe the fanzine is sold out). I hope you search it out. Thanks again. Cheers, Jack Massey

  2. Hello Jack I was glad you contacted me here and the blog is very nice to know that sometimes people in bands that I post here will talk to me, Brian is in a better place now, rather than to us, but your message as soon as the band were ever written for those who like hardcore and punk, thank you for the contact and I hope everything is well with you, big hug and keep visiting the blog.

  3. Cool band with an interesting sound. So the 2nd 7" is the Pavlov's Dog' one.
    Sad to hear one of the band members passed away.

  4. They're also on the "War Between The States: South" Tape


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