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V.O.A / Butt acne - Split ( Tape )

Banda : V.O.A / Butt acne
Album : Split
Ano : 1985
Localização : Estados unidos

Comentário : Ultra rara tape do hardcore/punk americano no total de 42 músicas !!! O V.O.A toca um hardcore punk fudido na linha de J.F.A e skate punk da época e do outro lado da tape tem o Butt acne que é gravado ao vivo ao que parece e é um hardcore punk legal , não tanto quanto o V.O.A mas é legal também , sou sincero vocês me conhecem mas nada que abone o download desta fantástica tape que como eu já disse é ultra rara e não acho informações nenhuma das bandas . Enfim , aproveitem , bom sábado e até amanhã , grande abraço .

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  3. Hey, I put this tape out 25 years ago! I'm surprised and happy to see that anyone is even interested in hearing it again. Where did you find it?

  4. That's cool, I am a researcher from hardcore punk and old school, I love the 80, I got this tape for many years as well as other rarities that I'm posting on the blog slowly. Big hug and thanks for the comment and the words.

  5. pretty funny to see that this actually made its way onto a blog! a few notes about the butt acne tracks:

    - butt acne was from an area of east los angeles, california known as city terrace, the band was formed as "human retch" in 1981 by jimmy and john alvarado. the name was changed to "six gun justice" in 1983, and then to "butt acne" shortly after that.

    - the recordings here are not live recordings, but were actually recorded in a living room and a bedroom between 1982 and 1984 and released in 1985.

    - the guitars were recorded a) by shoving a microphone wrapped with toilet paper into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar, then plugging the mic into a movie projector (these are the tracks with all the feedback); b) by plugging a stratocaster into a reel-to-reel tape recorder, then running the sound out of cheap headphones that were taped to one of two built-in condenser mics on a montgomery ward boombox (these are the tracks with the "stereo" sound).

    - any drums heard on the tunes were made on an aluminum toy drum set with plastic heads being beaten on with pencils, pens and pieces of an avocado tree. the side of a clothes dresser was used as a "high hat" and there were no cymbals.

    - vox were recorded with no amplification, with whoever's singing a given song is screaming as loud as possible.

    - the echo effect on the heavy metal medley was achieved by running two cassette decks at the same time while a third recorded the results.

    - a drummer named stella yap was briefly in the band in 1983, but no recordings were ever made with her.

    - scott rodarte joined on bass/vox shortly after this tape was released, and the band became a more traditional hardcore punk band. most of the songs here remained in the set.

    - in addition to these recordings, a number of other "demos" were recorded throughout the 80s. most were done with boomboxes, though one bona fide "studio" recording was made in 1988 with the three-piece lineup.

    - though they've never officially broken up, butt acne was active as a live act from 1983-94. their last recording, an unreleased 22-song "album," was recorded in 1998 at a studio owned by michael vallejo of the band circle one.

    - john went on to sing for the band "fishhead" in the early 90s. scott played in "peace pill," "tumors," and currently tours with "ollin," a band he founded with his brother randy. jimmy has played with a number of bands, including "our band sucks," "tumors," "ollin," and "black jax," and has also written for different fanzines including "pure filth," "flipside," and most recently "razorcake."


    -jimmy alvarado

  6. Fantastic story, very nice to me and other people know the history of bands that I post here and somehow with the help of the Internet to disseminate them and that their messages read by everyone in the world. I'm glad that after all these years you and the band members still have ties of friendship and are making music or even the punk and hardcore. You're still going to shows? Thanks for the explanations, peace to you and your family Jimmy .


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